krcl  community radio of utah
from 2006 until 2012 i was one of the "once a week" hosts of a program called radio active on krcl radio in salt lake city, utah. these are a few of those programs.
bob moss memorial
december 15, 2012
with bob's family and friends
yes means yes
june 19, 2012 with jaclyn friedman
beliefs that are not true
april 12, 2012 with skeptic guy harrison
pete ashdown
january 19, 2012 pete runs for senate
the rise of utah podcasts
january 12, 2012 with a passel of podcasters
does utah have an avant garde?
may 25, 2011 with patrick munger, david fetzer, and philip kent bimstein
the economics of happiness
may 18, 2011 with filmmaker helena norberg-hodge
should we keep animals in zoos?
april 20, 2011 with marc bekoff and lindsey sine
should utah have it's own state gun?
january 12, 2011 with steven gunn and clark aposhian
utah, number 1 in web porn
april 6, 2009 with angela brown and matt landis
renewable energy and nuclear power
february 13, 2009 with rob adams, vanessa pierce and chip ward


yes means yes
june 19, 2012
with jaclyn friedman