my name is tamrika khvtisiashvili. i like to make things; films, zines, radio pieces, music, photographs, installations, words. most of the art i like deals with ideas that are conceptual, but sometimes i like classical music too. i am interested in the structures of things as much as their intended meaning. i believe our roots define us, but i also believe we reinvent ourselves daily. i am a georgian, and a russian, and an american. in college i studied filmmaking and theoretical linguistics. i wrote my dissertation on an endangered language xinaliq, spoken in a remote village of the caucasus. i have visited over 50 countries and lived in many different parts of the world, most recently in the kingdom of saudi arabia, where i taught at a university. i am a feminist and believe that art can be used as an instrument for social commentary, to break barriers and bring social change. but ultimately art for me is a psychological and existential journey. i make so i can undo something inside of me. traveling and reading empties and refills my soul. currently i live on a sailboat with my husband; sailing in whichever direction the wind blows.

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